Hidden pasts. Hidden objects. Hidden agendas.

The Third Medallion takes readers on a luxurious romp through Asia and Europe that begins with a mysterious invitation to Monte Carlo worth millions in income, and ultimately leads to a string of clever murders and shocking plot twists.

Dr. Tyler West is a prominent African-American business executive and best-selling author. While traveling in Europe with his wife and business partner, Lydia, and their Jack Russell terrier, PJ, they quickly find themselves out of their league as they become trapped in a deadly game of corporate espionage. Without warning, they come face-to-face with assassins and rogue government agents in search of a set of elusive medallions, one of which innocently came to be in their possession. Together, the medallions have the potential to revolutionize world markets, or drive world powers to war. It becomes a high-stakes game for which Tyler and Lydia and their precious PJ will need all of their wits to survive.

The Third Medallion is the first book in the Tyler West Series.